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Anemones are available to cover the flowering season from spring through to autumn. Wood and alpine anemones typically grow in the spring while anemones such as Anemone coronaria, more suited to hot, dry conditions with tuberous roots, grow from spring to summer. Japanese anemones, have fibrous roots and grow from summer into autumn.


Japanese anemones thrive in dappled shade although they will tolerate full sun but this encourages then to spread towards cooler soil.  These anemones tend to enjoy moist, fertile soil that does not get waterlogged. Add a handful of organic matter and, if available, horticultural sand to improve drainage when planting anemones. These plants may take time to become established but once they do they can grow quite vigorously, so will need cutting back in the spring. Once planted they dislike being moved, so if you want to increase them, do so during the spring. There are two main groups of Japanese anemone: Anemone hupehensis and A. x hybrida.

Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' £3.75

(9cm pot coming soon)


Pure white single flowers from August to October. Useful to brighten up a shady spot. This Japanese anemone will grow anywhere in any soil in sun or shade. Can grows to a height and spread of 1.2m. Will spread fairly quickly. Hardy.